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At The Healing Aura by Dee, the satisfaction and personal growth of our client is always our main concern, and we make sure to give them an experience that they are wanting to achieve from our services.
Read on to see how we have made a difference in their lives.

Sunny, Sydney

It was my first time for Healing Session and it was an unexplained experience, you can feel the energy moving around inside your physical body and how your body, mind and other energy stations connect to each other.  

Thanks Dee for the wonderful experience. I will see you soon for my next session.

Kaitlin, Sydney

Dee was the most amazing, gracious, gentle, and productive healer. Such an amazing healing journey. Cannot wait to continue my journey with you, Dee.  Anybody who is looking to embark on a soul path and rediscover who they truly are - I recommend Dee Kaur

Nitasha, Sydney

I got my Chakra energy healing done with Dee few months ago. My experience made my belief in healing and the concept of connecting to your inner self stronger than I had already known. She helped me find out what areas I really need to work on myself and I couldn’t agree more because sometimes deep down you already know what is weighing you down but its just that little push you keep seeking from some outside energy. I was impressed with her work in my first healing session so came back to her for my oracle card reading. To my surprise my cards were literally the ones I needed to hear or let me put it this way— those cards were meant to show me “the” path. I am very glad with her service and guidance so far and would love to book another session soon.

Amy , Sydney 

Dee is a compassionate and intuitive healer. I have done two healing sessions with her and I felt much lighter and peaceful afterwards. I would recommend Dee to others who wants to heal energetically, physically and emotionally. Thank you Dee!

Poonam, London

Before we started Dee made me relax and become in tune and I was pleasantly surprised how Dee led my reading without knowing anything her reading was so precise which I was not expecting at all. She gave me guidance on how to address the issues and ended with healing which again made me feel overwhelmed with energy. I will definitely be going to Dee for energy healing as I have never had a session like this before. 

Dee is very calm and professional she led the session with ease and made me feel extremely comfortable.

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