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Service Description

During these deep healing and spiritual sessions, I will channel Ashati, Alsemia and Reiki 1 & 2 energies to your energy centres (Chakras) and your body. The channelling of these intense and unique energies will create what is often felt as a profoundly relaxing and meditative experience, often rich in sensations. An even deeper healing and clearing process will then unfold over the following few days, as your body and mind integrate these energies and use them for self-healing. The session will be broken down as following: 15 mins - Getting to know you 30 mins - Energy healing 15 mins - Feedback and guidance from the healing Every session is unique in what can energetically happen and be consciously experienced, depending on your needs and under the guidance of your guides and what we call the 'higher-self' - which is part of your own consciousness. Some feedback about your energy and intuitively received guidance will often be communicated to you after the healing. * Join me to start your journey of self-discovery and personal transformation*

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