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Dee Kaur

Hi Everyone my name is Dee Kaur 

If you are here then surely your soul is wanting to heal and recover from all the traumas and negative emotions and thoughts it has suppressed throughout your life. 

I have been in the same place, I have faced childhood traumas, relationship issues, work frustrations and a lot more just like you which lead me to believing I am not good enough for anything. I for so long believed, I had to work really hard and please others to understand my worth and to feel loved. 

But the truth is opposite to that, it is all within you. The fact is, nobody else can love you the way you can love yourself. Nobody else can make you feel worthy compare to how you feel when you realise your self-worth. 

All it requires is shifting your energy through healing your mind, body and soul.   

I am here to assist you with healing and coaching you to shift your mindset from any negative patterns that are holding you back so that you can start attracting positivity in your life. 

I am a Certified Energy Healer for Ashati, Alsemia energies and Reiki.  I also provide intuitive Psychic readings during the healing sessions.  Alongside, I enjoy coaching for positive mindset and self-love. 

if you are someone who need that support to take the step in their healing journey. If you are looking for guidance and insight into your life? Book a session with us today!

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